A Marriage Intensive is the latest, most sophisticated service for those seeking help with their relationship. Performed by therapists trained to offer this specialized service, the typical Marriage Intensive is 16-24 hours in length, designed to replace dysfunctional patterns of interacting with healthy patterns of connection. We provide up to two highly trained therapists to assist you in evaluating your relationship, diagnosing the problem and then enacting the solution. We provide follow up counseling to ensure continued relationship change and ongoing growth. 


There are points of crisis in our lives when we need to get away from our familiar environment to consider intervention and change. Utilizing a model similar to the Marriage Intensive, we work with individuals in three hour sessions over two days to evaluate and diagnose the personal problem, such as depression, anxiety, addiction or relationship crisis, and then work intensively with the individual to enact change. Individuals have found the Personal Intensive to be life-changing. 

“We have a special interest in emotional abuse–passive-aggression, crazy making, ongoing conflict– able to assist couples in eradicating this toxic quality from their relationship.”
“We also have noticed an increase in couples struggling with conflict associated with sexual addiction, pornography and affairs, and are trained to assist couples