There are five qualities that make us distinct.

First off, we offer immediate help.

Rather than waiting for two weeks for an appointment with a marriage counselor, we offer immediate phone assistance, followed by scheduling a Marriage Intensive.

Second, our help is intensive.

We understand that you cannot solve problems in one hour a week counseling. Our sessions are three hours long, often with two sessions in a day. Our Marriage Intensives are four days long.

Third, we are interested in you. 

And our passion for marriage is immediately evident. We want to help you have a robust, dynamic marriage.

Fourth, we offer intervention. 

You’re tired of doing what you’ve always done and getting what you’ve always got. We help you change your circumstances and your relationship by challenging you to do things differently. We will guide you through the process of change–to a healthy, vibrant relationship.

Finally, we assist in creating interconnection.

We help you eliminate barriers to being vibrantly to each other. When you consider reaching out for help, we hope you will consider The Marriage Recovery Center, and these differences that set us apart.